A link is provided to the password-protected LIVE STREAM as standard.

Optional elements are:

  • Order of Service button
    • loads an attached PDF copy of the regular booklet made by the family or (typically) Funeral Directors
    • loads an external website - an interactive booklet complete with MEMORIES gallery, messages specific to contributions, the live-stream video link and an option to download once the service is over, etc.
  • Elements
    • single photo if provided
    • name
    • date of life
    • references / contact details of Funeral Director
    • Donations request


The above Order of Service is an ANIMATED ORDER OF SERVICE BOOKLET. This is typically provided as optional extra depending on family wishes and number of expected live-stream viewers.


An example additional message...


An example reference to the Funeral Directors with contact details:
Cringle & Co. Ltd, Southern Funeral Service
01624 833602


An example included image and name reference
In loving memory of Ken Mountney : 1922 - 2019


An example of DONATION information and a thank you message:
Green House Mentoring Donation Link
Helping referred young people in Luton
Cancer Research Institute
Since 1953, leading the field with support for immunotherapy research and clinical trials. Together with donor, patient, and scientist communities, they continue to fund revolutionary breakthroughs to cure all types of cancer.
***** family wish to thank you for watching the LIVESTREAM today.